About High Tea

High Tea

The original High Tea came from the Upper Class and Rich society with their silver setting in coffee and tea, cream pitchers, sugar bowls with tongs and even silver tea caddies (tea chests). Everything is creatively hand-made silver accessories.

The hot water was placed in an urn and usually on a separate table. The urns were usually quite heavy and rested on a cradle.

Between the expensive tea came also the expensive of their sugar supply, Both were placed in a cabinet with a lock.

The early 1600 for Chinese tea was a whopping cost of over $2,500 per pound. Tea was equal to the cost of gems paid by the “nobles”.    In Edinburgh, a jeweler sold tea right next to their luxury gems.    

Along with the favorite High Tea came the dainty sandwiches and the adorable line of sweet desserts. The English were known to have cream that was clotted and a full range of scones to choose from for the sweet delicacies.

For most of the common folks during this time, the price of tea was not affordable.

It is not known how the tea really arrived, but only the rich could afford the premium tea.

Many centuries past and tea became a popular drink in Great Britain. By placing a kettle on the stove and enjoying toast with home-made jam or some plain bread.    Just a simple way to fill the taste buds with a cup of tea and sweet bread.

Reference: “Healing Teas” by Marie Nadine Antol