Qigong (Chi-i-Kung) helps Winter blues

Now that winter has arrived how can that energy be created without feeling the winter blues.
Get plenty of rest, find some types of exercising you enjoy, drink plenty of Green tea, find that “Zen field” and try to relax from the busy work week.   The creation of the “Zen field” is that inner peace or space that you relax into to take the stress off the body.   It is a sanctuary were you can deal with the inner stresses through you life.
Thanks to a my dear friend, Jo-Anne whom started me off by getting together to enjoy Qigong, (pronounced Ch`i Kung), qi in qigong, “can mean air” (Reference: Wikipedia), and the gong meaning “work”, therefore combined is called “lifeforce”. (Reference: Wikipedia) 
Qigong combines movement of the inner body energy.   The beginning of the session, the practice version warm-up to get you started is very fulfilling with the renued energy that you receive when you have completed just the practice version warm-up, for beginners.    Just ask Jill, she joins in on occasion to get her session in and wow, she had instant energy and she looks forward to some other sessions.  By the time you have practiced the warm-up, then you have some energy to continue on the first lesson. 
Try Qigong and renue your energy.