Organic tea

Re-charge, renew, relax and this is the motto for this Spa Energy issue.
Feeling a little bummed out this month, try a fresh cup of Organic Osmanthus petals and brew into a tea to start your morning off, this tea will give you the new energy for the morning start.  
For those of you whom enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning, why not try some Organic Bancha in it’s place and give your body those anti-oxidants for the fresh start of the day.   Green Tea has more caffeine than coffee, so drink healthy.

“Thai Iced Coffee”

” Thai Iced Coffee “
6 tbsp. freshly fine-ground specialty coffee
1/4 tsp. ground coriander powder
4 to 5  whole green cardamom pods, ground
8 ice cubes
30 m (1 oz.) heavy whipped cream
**Place the coffee and spices in the filter cone of the brewer.  (The spices will taint the filter basket, so use one for Thai iced coffee only, or use a paper filter and wash the brew basket thoroughly after each use). 
Brew coffee as usual and allow to cool.
**Add simple syrup to a tall glass.  Add 8 ice cubes and pour coffee 2.5 cm (1 “) from the top of the glass.  Hold the back of a spoon over the glass, slowly pour the heavy whipped cream over the spoon onto the coffee, creating a layered look.  This will prevent the cream from dispersing into the coffee right away.  Serve with a flexible straw and a tall spoon. 
 **Recipe by: ” Coffee Cafe” by Sherri Johns

How does Coffee grow?

The Coffea tree is a shrub and classified as an Evergreen. In order for the Coffea tree to produce a crop, it must grow for 5 years and this crop is only about 15 oz.’s.

This plant produces a flower of a sweet jasmine-scent this bud produces the fruit of the plant. The berry changes from to a the original green like the plant itself, to orange or red. The ripen berry turns to a Raspberry dark red. 


When the berry is ripe it must be processed the same day it is “hand-picked”. Picking time is like many plants not all of the fruit is ripe the same day, so the pickers will go back several times to the same plant. 


The bean is found inside the fruit that grows on the Coffea tree. Most coffee plants are not within reach of the roadside and are grown on slanting hill-sides. We were able to view a Coffee trees growing on the side of the Blue Mountain when we traveled to Jamaica in January.


Both Jamaican coffee and Hawaiian Coffee are one of the most expensive and pleasant coffees.


Most Coffee Plantations still use the “hand-picking” for the picking the fruit off of the shrubs, it is very back-breaking work. Depends on where the coffee is grown, in some countries the mules take the extremely full bags and the bags are draped over the backs of the mules.


In India, women pick the beans by hand then carry the sacks on their heads.    **Reference: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns


In Jamaica, on the Blue Mountain Coffee plantation the guide explained to us, that the people who work this plantation climb up this steep mountain side, the women pick for most of the day, placing the fruit into 70 pound crates and the male workers place these crates onto the trucks and take to be processed.