“Thai Iced Coffee”

” Thai Iced Coffee “
6 tbsp. freshly fine-ground specialty coffee
1/4 tsp. ground coriander powder
4 to 5  whole green cardamom pods, ground
8 ice cubes
30 m (1 oz.) heavy whipped cream
**Place the coffee and spices in the filter cone of the brewer.  (The spices will taint the filter basket, so use one for Thai iced coffee only, or use a paper filter and wash the brew basket thoroughly after each use). 
Brew coffee as usual and allow to cool.
**Add simple syrup to a tall glass.  Add 8 ice cubes and pour coffee 2.5 cm (1 “) from the top of the glass.  Hold the back of a spoon over the glass, slowly pour the heavy whipped cream over the spoon onto the coffee, creating a layered look.  This will prevent the cream from dispersing into the coffee right away.  Serve with a flexible straw and a tall spoon. 
 **Recipe by: ” Coffee Cafe” by Sherri Johns