Black Teas

The tea leaves are placed on drying trays until limp.  Some black teas are dried in the shade or sun.  Then these leaves are rolled with the combined oxygen; this releases the essence of the leaf.   To release the bacteria and enzymes, the tea is green these leaves are placed into fementation.  The leaves are placed into a fementing room that is temperature controlled.   Another names used is oxidation, releasing the oxidized moisture out of the leaves.   This process of fermentation only takes a few hours to create the coppery red color.  — Black teas are broken into divisons this depends on the texture, size, finished leaf and color. —Orange Pekoe and Souchong are the two subdivisions of black tea.   Grades of black tea are broken and leaf.  —Varieties of Black tea: Assam; Ceylon; Keemun; Lapsang Souchong; Pu`erh and Yunnan.