Oolong (Wu`Long) teas

The Oolong (pronouced Wu Long) are produced the same way as the black tea, but with the exception of the fermentation is only     75 % .   This produces the fruity essence of the leaf.

The quality of Oolong teas represents the grading properties.  Many different qualities, such as when the leaves were harvested, time of the year and which part of the tea bush was plucked.   One of the finest grades is the Formosa Oolongs and these are plucked in the summer.   Because of the harsh winter months the Oolong are not listed as high standard tea.

In the Fukien province of China was the original place where Oolong teas were harvested.   Although Taiwan is known for the best Formosa Oolong.

Varieties of Oolong

Ti Kuan Yin – produced in the Fukien province, the leaves are curled from the fermentation process and the essence of leaves creates a peach tone and a nutty taste.   

Formosa Oolong – tea produces an essence of peach and is grown in Taiwan.   This is one of many teas grown in Taiwan.

Pouchong tea – A lightly oxidized mixture of oolong, white and green tea produces pouchong tea.