Herbs and Health

Can teas be added to your bath?        Answer: The herbal teas make great bath infusions. Best to use a muslin bag sachet to add your teas, place into the water while the water is running. Enjoy.

Many herbs contain “water-soluble tannins” which in turn will help to cleanse and disinfect the bodies digestion and are good to soothe the skin.   Herbs also contain minerals and vitamins, but the most important nutrient is the essential oils that can be drawn out of the plants.   Essential oils have many uses for adding to bath’s, adding to herbs to boost the scent and many essential oils are known for healing purposes.   

“It is important to know how to use essential oils and herbal concoctions for some combinations are toxic”.  

Many research books are available to give you better knowledge on the use of herbs.

***Research from: “Dumont’s Lexicon of Herbs” by Andrea Rausch & Brigitte Lotz 

**Herbs are a big part of the herbal tisane’s brewed in many tea shops around the world.