Tea in Britain – around the world


The etiquette of Britainor England shall we call it brings their own afternoon tea from the era of the Victorian times.   During ital conversation in a group of guest, a pot of tea would be brewed with a delightful array of scones, cake, small bit size sandwiches, cookies and a full amount of spreads like jams, sweet butter and sometimes “lemon curd”.   For the English, a favorite amongst the array of goodies would be the “clotted cream”.    This special “afternoon tea” is not like the “High Tea”.

   The “High Tea” brought on a somewhat manual labor with preparing a meal (supper).  The foods for the “High Tea” would be a specialty like “Cornish pastries”, shortbread, cakes; Rabbit cooked the Welsh way, the delicious “Hot Cross Buns”.

    The standard British tea was either from Sri Lanka or India.   Most of us today will drink these teas with milk and sugar.   In these times of tea, sugar was added with a little bit of milk, but cream was never used because it dilutes the taste of the tea.

 Reference: “The Little Black Book of Tea”  by Mike Heneberry