Tea in Russia – around the world


Since the 17th century Russians have enjoyed drinking tea and is a welcome cup of warmth during their cold winters.   Enjoy black tea is brewed into a glass cup, jam or sugar is placed inside your mouth before drinking the tea.

The Samovar retains hot water all day, in the base is a charcoal fire that sends the heat through the chimney, heats the water in the tank above.          

The “Zavarka” is a strong tea base that is diluted with the water from the Samovar.   The Zavarka technique the tea is brewed into a small pot, the tea leaves are not thrown away, but kept in the water with the brewed tea.   Then with water from the Samovar, dilutes the tea to the right strength.  

 A variety of fruit teas or herbals can be combines in the Zavarka and even combining other black teas in with this technique.

    Some people drinking tea, enjoy drinking very strong tea like the Russian Caravan tea and other people may enjoy a less strong tea.

Reference: “The Little Black Book of Tea”  by Mike Heneberry