Premium Matcha (tin)

Premium Matcha      ID# PM1000 A premium Matcha powdered and a wonderful green tea, great for recipes. (Available April 6th, 2012)  Type: Tin    Size: 50 g.    Price: $35.00 (reg.price)  Available click on Spa Essentials, Spa Energy on our site:

Recipe – “Green Tea Croquettes”

“GREEN TEA CROQUETTES“ “New Tastes in Green Tea” by Mutsuko Tokunaga 4-5                  medium potatoes 1/2                  medium onion 2 Tbsp.           Butter 7 oz.                Hashed beef Salt and pepper to taste Pinch of nutmeg 3  Tbsp.          Green peas 1  Tbsp.          Powdered sencha or matcha 3/4 cup         flour 1                     egg, beaten 1 -1/2   cups bread crumbs Vegetable oil for deep-frying 3  oz.              Cabbage, finely… Read More Recipe – “Green Tea Croquettes”

“Raspberry Sorbet with Spearmint”

“Raspberry Sorbet with Spearmint” – by”Having Tea” by Tricia Foley 6          cups fresh raspberries, cleaned, hulled, and dried 2          cups sugar 2-1/4  cups fresh strained orange juice 1           teaspoon finely chopped, fresh spearmint leaves, plus several whole leaves 1/3       cup Triple Sec liqueur Combine the raspberries, sugar, orange juice, and chopped spearmint leaves in a large bowl.  … Read More “Raspberry Sorbet with Spearmint”

What is a “Zhong”?

 A “covered cup” introduced with the American attitude is a called a “Zhong” in China.  Reference: “The Green Tea User’s Manual” by Helen Gustafson

Baths old and new

Many of us take advance of the new technology with our jetted Jacuzzi tubs and why not, these tubs are great to sooth you’re aching back and feet. As we wonder about the older days and ask, how did one relax years ago?    Not talking about 20 years ago, more along the lines of the… Read More Baths old and new

Rose Buds for Tea & Bath

Rose buds and petals  (Italy) A very popular blend of food grade Rose buds and petals are used widely throughout tea history.    A black tea blended with roses is known as “Rose Congou”.    Also a lovely touch to any Herbal Bath blends.    A rose is the flower of love.   (References from Meditations with Tea by Diana Rosen)

Herb – Peppermint

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) is known since the 17th century and its name is the “English Mint”.   Oddly enough the leaves change color on occasion to pinkish violet color  and sometimes even the color of the shoot, which is reddish.    Menthol is the essential oil.    Peppermint can be added to sauces, soups, meat, vegetables and herbal… Read More Herb – Peppermint