Baths old and new

Many of us take advance of the new technology with our jetted Jacuzzi tubs and why not, these tubs are great to sooth you’re aching back and feet.

As we wonder about the older days and ask, how did one relax years ago?    Not talking about 20 years ago, more along the lines of the early 1900’s or even further back to the Egyptian times.

In the early 1900’s you would go out and fetch the water, put wood into the stove, light the wood to create a fire, then place water into a large pot and boil on the stove.   Then just adding some of the cool water and the boiled water were added to a real small bath tub or if you were lucky you had one of those old claw foot tubs. 

The stories told were that the tubs were not too comfortable. If you were quite tall that the comfort of this tub would have your knees up to your chin and if you lost the soap, good luck getting a hold of it.

We are truly spoiled these days with running cold and hot water with extra luxuries.