Discovering the world of tea…

Discovering your world of green tea can be quite interesting, when most Chinese teas will end in usually in “ung, eng, ong, ing”, like Oolong and Japanese teas will usually have the “cha” at the ending of the tea choice like Sencha and Matcha”.

“Dong Ding” – called Tung Ting and also known as “Frozen Summit”.

“Green Snail Spring” is also known as “Pi lo Chun”.

“Longching” is also known as “Dragon Well”

 Jasmine and Rose are classified as “Flowery”.

 India Tea Estates for green tea are usually “fruity and pungent.”

 Teas that are herbaceous, sweet, and slight vegetable taste are teas from China.

Reference — “The Green Tea User’s Manual” By Helen Gustafson