Recipe – “Freeze & Ripen Ice Cream”

“Freeze & Ripen Ice Cream”

“Farm Journal’s – Country Cookbook” – edited by Nell B. Nichols

1.   “Pour the cool ice cream mixture into the freezer can.   Fill can two thirds to three fourths full to leave room for expansion.  Fit can into freezer; follow manufacturer’s directions if using an electric freezer”.

2.   “Adjust the dasher and cover.  Pack crushed ice and rock salt around the can,  using 6 to 8 parts ice to 1 part salt.   Turn the dasher slowly until the ice melts enought to form a brine.  Add more ice and salt, mixed in the proper proportions, to maintain the ice level.  Turn the handle fast and steadily until turns hard.   Then remove the ice until its level is below the lid of the can; take the lid off.  Remove the dasher”.

3.    “To ripen the ice cream, plug the opening in the lid.  Cover the can with several thicknesses of waxed paper or foil to make a tight fit for the lid.  Put the lid on the can”.

4.   “Pack more of the ice and salt mixture (using 4 parts ice to 1 part rock salt) around the can, filling the freezer.   Cover the freezer with a blanket, canvas or other heavy cloth, or with newspapers.  Let ice cream ripen at least 4 hours, sherbet 1 hour.  Or put the can in the home freezer to ripen”.

“If you buy ice by the pound you can use 20 lbs. ice to about 1 lb. rock salt for a 1-gal. freezer.   Freezing is faster if the salt is increased (4 parts ice to 1 part salt), but the product will not be as smooth”.