Recipe – “Orange Pekoe Tea Ice Cream”

It is not a great suprise to look out today and find that it is blowing snow in the springtime here in Calgary.    It is a common occurence for the piles of moisture that we will get in April and May, but it is not springtime showers.   Although come to think of it, this morning it was a light drizzle, then it started to blow snow in chunks.   It is a challenge to drive on snow covered roads with a nice layer of ice underneath and this is not a great time to bring out that sports car!

But with the thought of something delicious and iced, I found this recipe and it will be a challenge to see if it turns out for those of you that will make it.

“Orange Pekoe Tea Ice Cream”

“Farm Journal’s – Country Cookbook” – edited by Nell B. Nichols

2-1/2      cup milk, scalded

6              whole cloves

1              Tblsp. grated orange peel

2              Tblsp. orange pekoe tea

1              envelope unflavored gelatin

1/3          cup cold water

1/4           tsp. salt

3/4           cup sugar

4               egg yolks, slightly beaten

3/4           cup honey

4               egg whites, stiffly beaten

3               cups light cream


1.   Scald milk with cloves and orange peel.   Add tea; let stand 5 to 8 minutes over hot water.

2.   Soften gelatin in water.

3.   Strain milk; return to double boiler top.  Add salt, sugar and egg yolks, which have been mixed with some hot milk.   Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened.

4.   Remove from heat, add softened gelatin; blend throughly.   Add honey.   Cool.

5.   When cold, fold in egg whites and cream.   Pour into freezer can; fill only two thirds full to allow for expansion.   Freeze and ripen by basic directions.  

Makes 1 gallon.

**Check out our following directions for “How to Freeze and Ripen Ice Cream”, next…