Recipe – “Orange and Celery Salad”

“A Culinary Guide to Herbs, Spices and Flavorings”
By Arabella Boxer, Jocasta Innes, Charlotte Parry-Crooke and Lewis Esson
4        oranges, peeled and separated into segments, all pith and membrane removed
1        head celery, finely sliced
1        mild onion, peeled and coarsely chopped
1        teaspoon coriander seeds, lightly crushed
2        Tablespoons red wine vinegar or lemon juice
5        Tablespoons olive oil
           Freshly ground black pepper
           Celery leaves, to garnish
“This is refreshing, juicy salad goes well with most cold meats”.
*Place the orange segments, celery and onion in a salad bowl.  Fork through lightly to mix.  Sprinkle with the coriander seeds.
**Combine all the dressing ingredients and whisk together with a fork to blend thoroughly.  Pour over the salad, toss gently and garnish with celery leaves.
Prep – 10 minutes