Sunflowers, tea & info


   Sunflowers are beautiful when they start to grow and unfold the large center cone that looks like a honeycomb, as the bright yellow petals start to grow and overlay each other, as each petals blooms. 

  Tall stalks of wild Sunflowers array along the fence, as fall approaches the Sunflower petals falling to the ground in a farmer’s garden.   The seeds are collected from the cone in the middle, washed, placed on a cookie sheet, lightly sprayed with olive oil, lightly salted or seasoned with spices, then roasted in the oven for a snack later.

   Many flower suppliers who grow the Sunflowers for sale to florists do some really funky things like injecting a dye solution into the stem to alter the color of the petals; then the finished petal product is bright red, bright orange and super bright yellow. 

   Once a floral designer, in our shop, our staff would  pluck out the petals of the sunflower and place them into in a design pot, as a accent pieces. 

    The petals are used in many different products that we carry, used for blending in teas, bath teas and there is no taste from the petals; these are used for presentation of color in the products.