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Angels Dream
ID# 10070
Assam Black and a green tea, clover with larkspur petals and natural flavors. Country of origin: Sri Lanka, China, India.  Type: Tin Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.)  Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Kama Sutra Chai
ID# 10073
A sensual cup of la rumba spices and floral notes. (Flavored Black) 
Type: Tin Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Lovers Leap
ID# 10073
A dramatic Orange Pekoe – Lovers Leap – with a history for its name. Far amongst the clouds into the top elevations, there is a famous cliff with a past of romantic affairs of the heart and soul. Enjoy this romantic Orange Pekoe with a cherished love for tea. (Sri Lanka) Country of origin: Sri Lanka 
Type: Tin Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.)  Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Crime of Passion

ID# 10071

Imagine an exotic island and lounging on a beach with a little papaya, passion fruit, some petals from the sunflowers and together blended with a Sencha green tea. Enjoy this cup of tea while reading a novel, after all it’s the – crime of passion – . (Green tea) Type: Tin   Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

FULL SIZE – 100 G. $12.00 EA.



Long Island Strawberry
ID# 10072
A fruitful cup of tea with both papaya and strawberry mixed with the finest green tea.  Type: Tin   Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.)   Price: $3.00 (reg.price) 
FULL SIZE – 100 G.  $10.00 EA.
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