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– Lavendar Cove –                             News December 2012
The celebration of a new year to come….
Last year, purchasing and making so many sweets, like chocolates, cookies – shorty bars, shortbread, macroons; pies, sweet squares like nanaimo bars, brownies, date squares; a fair amount of these got eaten by two of us and a hole pile of family members.    Then when you visit your family members there is more goodies to eat like chips, nacho chips with dips; pop; liquor and more.   The temptation is there, can’t you agree.   Watching the goodies this year for the Christmas time.  The Christmas season has passed and for those of us that we able to not gain any weight, hurray!
Sharing some great recipes with all of you.
Featured Teas
Black-Black Blended: Earl Grey; Chocolate Mint; Buckingham Palace Garden Party;
Green: Lucky Dragon Hyson; 
Rooibos: Mocha Rocha Rooibos (with coffee);
(Teas available on our site: www.teas-online.com
“Fare for Friends”  – “Key Porter Books”
1        can Eagle brand condensed milk
1/2     pound  pecan halves
2        German or Swiss chocolate bars (each 4 oz/100g.)
To make caramel, place unopened can of condensed milk in a sauce pan and cover with water.  Boil for 2-1/2 hours, making sure the can is covered by water all the time.  Cool overnight.   This will keep in the refrigerator for weeks.  Make small balls of caramel and place on greased cookie sheet.  Place 5 pecan halves in each ball to simulate a turtle.   Melt chocolate and spoon 1 teaspoon over each turtle.  Cool.
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Sweet Teas to go with these sweets.
Chocolate Mint — Le Marche Spice — English Breakfast
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“Cafe Brulot”
“Fare for Friends”  – “Key Porter Books”
“Liquer and Flaming recipe”
Peel of an orange cut in one continuous strip
Whole cloves
1        3″  piece of cinnamon
1        piece lemon peel, 3 ‘ long
6        lumps sugar
1        cup brandy
1/4    cup Cointreau
1        teaspoon vanilla
1        quart strong, black coffee
*Stud the orange peel at 1-inch intervals with cloves.  Combine with cinnamon, lemon peel and sugar in a heat-proof punch bowl.   At serving time, heat brandy.  Add Cointreau and vanilla to ingredients in bowl.  Pour in hot coffee.   Add brandy, reserving 1 ladle-ful. Ignite remaining brandy, pour over coffee in bowl and bring to table while still flaming.
“Oriental Chicken Salad”
“Fare for Friends”  – “Key Porter Books”
2        whole chicken breasts, cooked and cut into pieces
1/3    cup white wine
1/4    cup soy sauce
1/2    teaspoon ground ginger
4-5    cups mixed salad greens
6        green onions, chopped
1        cup broccoli florets, cooked crisp
1/2    cup almonds, slivered or sliced
1/4    cup sesame seeds, toasted
1/2    cup salad oil
1/4    cup white wine vinegar
1        tablespoon soy sauce
2        teaspoons dry mustard
2        teaspoons sugar
1        teaspoon ginger
Dash of Tabasco
*Prepare a marinade by mixing wine, soy sauce and ginger.  Marinate chicken for a least 2 hours.   Drain well.  Put salad greens, onions, broccoli, almonds and chicken in a large salad bowl.  Combine all dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well.  Toss salad with dressing and sprinkle sesame seeds on top.
Great tea to go with this salad:     Jasmine Orchard OolongOasis Mango White ;
Snacking for the New Year parties with friends…. Enjoy a great cup of tea.
Favorite munchie food years ago……..family favorite.
“Nuts and Bolts”
“Taste of Christmas” by Jacquie Schmit-Eileen Mandryk- Jo Wuth
3        cups each crispix cereal, cheerios, shreddies
2        cups each pretzel sticks and mini rounds
1        cup mixed nuts
Preheat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.   Combine cereals, pretzels and nuts in a large roaster.   Mix well.
Combine the following and stir well:
1        cup vegetable oil
1        tblsp.  Each seasoning salt, onion powder
2        tsps.  Each garlic powder, celery salt
2        tsps. Worcestershire sauce
Drizzle the above over cereal mixture; mix well.   Roast, uncovered, for 1-1/2 hours, stirring every 20 minutes.   Remove from oven, Let cool completely.   Store in airtight containers for up to one month.    Makes 4 quarts
“Greenberry Tea”
“Drink to your health” by Anita Hirsch, M.S., R.D.
1        cup boiling water
1        teaspoon green tea leaves or 1 bag green tea
1-2     teaspoon dried blackberry, blueberry, or raspberry leaves
1-2     teaspoons fruit syrup (optional)
Pour boiling water over the leaves or tea bag and steep for 3 to 5 minutes.  Strain.  Serve.  One or two teaspoons of fruit syrup can be added for sweetening and flavor if desired.
Yield:  1 serving
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Happy New Year from Teabytheocean – LAVENDAR COVE  2012