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LC bridal teas


Angels Dream
ID# 10070
Assam Black and a green tea, clover with larkspur petals and natural flavors. Country of origin: Sri Lanka, China, India.  Type: Tin Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.)  Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Kama Sutra Chai
ID# 10073
A sensual cup of la rumba spices and floral notes. (Flavored Black) 
Type: Tin Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Lovers Leap
ID# 10073
A dramatic Orange Pekoe – Lovers Leap – with a history for its name. Far amongst the clouds into the top elevations, there is a famous cliff with a past of romantic affairs of the heart and soul. Enjoy this romantic Orange Pekoe with a cherished love for tea. (Sri Lanka) Country of origin: Sri Lanka 
Type: Tin Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.)  Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Crime of Passion

ID# 10071

Imagine an exotic island and lounging on a beach with a little papaya, passion fruit, some petals from the sunflowers and together blended with a Sencha green tea. Enjoy this cup of tea while reading a novel, after all it’s the – crime of passion – . (Green tea) Type: Tin   Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

FULL SIZE – 100 G. $12.00 EA.



Long Island Strawberry
ID# 10072
A fruitful cup of tea with both papaya and strawberry mixed with the finest green tea.  Type: Tin   Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.)   Price: $3.00 (reg.price) 
FULL SIZE – 100 G.  $10.00 EA.
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Great Teas Iced

Organic Assam Tea (Certified Organic)

ID# LC9770

Several botanist from English had to be brought in to identify the tea from the jungles in Assam, India. The cultivation at a commercial level was officially started in 1837 for Assam tea. The following year this tea was auctioned off in London. This was the first tea production in the British Empire. The prices for this tea soared at the auction and become a very expensive tea to purchase. A delicious Black tea enjoyed all day.

Country of origin: India Region: Assam   Grade: Pekoe Fannings  A 2nd Flush Assam and manufactured by CTC (Cut, Torn and Curled).

(Black Tea) Type: Tin Size: 100 g. Price: $14.00 (reg. Price)

Margaret’s Hope

ID# 9852

A full-bodied, 2nd flush tea with full astringency and is from one of top estates in India (Estate Tea) (Darjeeling) (TGFOP—Top Grown Flowery Orange

Pekoe) Type: Bag Size: 100 g. (Loose Tea) Price: $10.00 (reg. Price)


ID# 9802LC

A Herbal and Fruit combination of Rose-hips, Dried Apple pieces, Rose Petals, Blackberry leaves, Cornflower petals, Hibiscus petals, Calendula petals and natural flavors. A cupful of energy and great for kids as well.   Type: Bag Size: 100 g. (Loose Tea)

Price: $14.00 (reg. Price)


Cranberry Apple

ID# 20004

A splendid blend of Hibiscus, naturally dried apple pieces, rose-hips, natural flavors and caffeine free. Country of origin: USA, Thailand, Spain and Canada

Type: Tin Size: 50 g.  Price: $10.00 (reg. Price)

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Rooibos Tea Samples

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Belgian Chocolate Rooibos
ID# 9068LC
BLENDED ROOIBOS An exotic tea with extreme power of chocolate, this tea makes you feel that you Have dived straight into a huge pile of chocolate. The aroma is just fantastic.
Type: Tin    Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

Cherry Rose Rooibos
ID# 10004
BLENDED ROOIBOS As in Japan & China roses are expressions of youth and springtime.
The Cherry trees are to known to spark romance. A calming herbal and sweet floral make a romantic cup.  Type: Tin    Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Earl Grey Rooibos
ID# 40012
A blended combination of strong English Ceylon teas with Chinese Black teas and African Rooibos teas Combined with the respected name of the Earl Grey. The tea named after Earl Grey and is one of the Respected views of the surrounding colonies with a fantastic blend of the finest teas. (This tea has caffeine).  Type: Tin    Size: 25 g. Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

Le Marche`Spice Rooibos
ID# 40013
A fruity combination of hibiscus, rosehips, spicy cinnamon, almonds, South African Rooibos, Apple to combine the sweet tangy-ness of the fruit.
Type: Tin    Size: 20 g. Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

Lugano Pilamiso Rooibos
ID# 10000
BLENDED ROOIBOS A beautiful simplicity of Rooibos, fruity (mango, bitter cherries), plant of the red thistle, Dried yogurt pieces and a Kenyan coffee with a smooth Amaretto flavor sets you off to sea. (Tea has caffeine) Type: Tin    Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Mocha Rocha Rooibos
ID# 9819
BLENDED ROOIBOS Set sail with this coffee and tea combination of Ethiopian coffee, Butterscotch pieces, caramel pieces, African Rooibos, natural flavors and calendula petals. (Tea has caffeine). Type: Tin    Size: 25 g. (0.97 oz.) Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Organic Roman Provence Rooibos
ID# 40011
An exotic treasured African Rooibos tea with a tribal selection of fruits, floral petals, berries and an imported Lavender from the far south in France. An excellent caffeine free tea, enjoyed both hot and as an iced tea. (South Africa) Country of origin: Africa, France
Type: Tin    Size: 15 g. Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

Provence Rooibos
ID# 40014
(Rooibos, rosehip shells, raisins, lavender, dried black currants, dried blueberries, rose leaves and petals, Natural flavors). Type: Tin    Size: 25 g. Price: $3.00 (reg.price)
Tuscany Pear Rooibos
ID# 40010
Apple and pear pieces, Rooibos and natural flavors. A sot after delicacy for chefs in Italy, is pears.  This delicious blend of Rooibos, dried apple and dried pear is a sweet delight for your taste buds. Great Iced.  Type: Tin    Size: 20 g. Price: $3.00 (reg.price)

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Premium Matcha (tin)

Premium Matcha      ID# PM1000
A premium Matcha powdered and a wonderful green tea, great for recipes. (Available April 6th, 2012)  Type: Tin    Size: 50 g.   
Price: $35.00 (reg.price) 
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Brewing Tea

Black Tea – Bring your water to a full boil and pour over your tea leaves to expand the flavor of the tea leaves.

Oolong – Best to brew the water to beginner boil, bubble forming in the bottom, time to brew the Oolong tea.

Green and White – When the steam rises in the kettle, this is a good time to brew these two teas.

 Reference: “The Little Black Book of Tea”  by Mike Heneberry

Bridal Favor Gifts

Blended Black – Angel Dreams; Dorian Grey; Lover’s Leap; Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai;   Flavored Black – Jamaican Rum;

Fruit & Herbal, Fruit & Floral or Herbal – Bingo Blueberry; Bumblefruit; Camomile Lemon Grass; Chopped Chai Mix;

Blended Green – Crime of Passion; Long Island Strawberry;   Fruity Green – Organic Saipan Hibiscus Green.

Blended Rooibos – Belgian Chocolate Rooibos; Cherry Rose Rooibos; Lugano Pilamiso Rooibos;

Custom orders for high volume orders are available.    More info: — Lovely packaged Loose Teas in tins – up to 25 grams

Crime of Passion – tea –

Imagine an exotic island and lounging on a beach with a little papaya, passion fruit, some petals from the sunflowers and together blended with Sencha green tea.  Enjoy this cup of tea while reading a novel, after all it’s the  – Crime of Passion