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It is a New Year for us with many changes for our company, as our website has changed….new ideas are arising to bring our vision into the new year…….many clients are wondering where did your website go….its around just its here for now……in one month it will be 20 years in business, wow…..time flies…….our destination is going herbal…..for the home use…….more later…thanks for stepping by…..a New Year totally for my company…..

Healthy cooking with tea……

Herb use in the house, garden, bath-time…..



Lavendar Cove – teabytheocean Dec. News 2014 (Part 2 of 2)

Lavendar Cove – teabytheocean December News 2014 – part 2

– Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year –


A “Gaibei” is known as a “covered cup” traditional

for tea drinkers in  Taiwan.


“A recipe for iced tea”

“The Book of Green Tea by Christine Dattner”

*Makes 1 quart

1                      quart mineral water with a neutral pH

7 or 8              teaspoons Queen of Sheba or Black Forest flavored tea

zest from citrus fruit


Put the mineral water into a pitcher and add the tea.

Do not stir; the tea leaves will sink to the bottom by themselves.

Allow the tea to infuse overnight at room temperature.

In the morning, strain and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Add the citrus zest just before serving.

This method produces a clear, perfectly infused beverage.


Complimentary teas  — Chocolate Mint, Long Island Strawberry – available at Lavendar Cove – , under flavored black and flavored green blends.


Tea Terms – Reference “The book of Green Tea” by Diana Rosen

In Japan a tea caddy is called “Kakemono”.

In Vietnam “Che” is the tea.

A jasmine flower in China is called “Molihua”.


“Chilled rhubarb soup with Matcha tea and Mara wild strawberries”

“The Book of Green Tea by Christine Dattner”

*Serves  6.

Recipe – Patrick Loustalot-Barbe,

“L’Artisan de saveurs”


1          lb. Mara wild strawberries

2          lbs. rhubarb

2          teaspoons Matcha tea

1          cup sugar

juice of 1 lemon

1          cup plain yogurt

½         cup cream

1-3/4   cup sugar

6 almond tuile cookies


The day before serving the dish, wash, dry and hull the strawberries.   Peel the rhubarb and cut it into ½ inch slices.  Bring 1 quart of water to boil with the sugar and the lemon juice.   Immerse the rhubarb in the boiling water and poach about 15 minutes; do not allow the mixture to come to a full boil.   Drain the rhubarb in a large bowl and chill in a larger container of ice cubes.

In a mixing bowl, combine half the rhubarb, the yogurt, the reserved cooking liquid and the tea.  Bring the cream and sugar to a boil.  Combine the hot cream mixture with the rhubarb mixture and blend in a food processor.  Set aside to cool.

Pour the rhubarb and Matcha green tea soup into 6 small dishes.  Arrange the remaining rhubarb on top and garnish with the wild strawberries cut into quarters or halves.  Serve with almond tuiles.


Complimentary teas – Paradiso Peach, Last Mango in Paris (available – Lavendar Cove – , under Loose teas – fruit blends.




Victoria “The Pleasures of Tea” – Recipes and Rituals

“Guerrilla Marketing Excellence” by Jay Conrad Levinson

“The Ultimate TEA Diet” by Mark “Dr. Tea” Ukra

“Tea Party” by Tracy Stern with Christie Matheson

“Having Tea” – Recipes & Table Settings by Tricia Foley


“Broiled Portobello Mushrooms”

“Tea Party” by Tracy Stern with Christie Matheson
8  large portobello mushroom caps

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon chopped Ceylon tea leaves

Salt and pepper

– Preheat the broiler.  Line a shallow pan with aluminum foil.

– Clean the mushrooms with a damp towel.  Place the mushrooms, rounded side up, in one layer in the pan and lightly brush them with the olive oil.  Sprinkle with the tea leaves and salt and pepper.  Broil for 5 to 7 minutes, or until tender.  Serve hot.


Delicious homemade treat for the holidays.


10      cups popcorn

1/2     cup Lily white corn syrup

1-1/3  cup brown sugar

1         tsp. Vanilla

1         cup Pecans

1/2     cup almonds

1         cup butter or margarine


– In a large bowl mix popcorn and nuts.  Combine butter, syrup and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring constantly for 10 to 15 minutes or until caramel colour.

– Remove from heat, stir in vanilla and pour over popcorn mixture.   Spread over cookie sheet.   Break up when hardened.


Gift Idea


Festive Pack (15)

ID # FVGift15

A selection of 15 of our blended teas, variety of blended teas, gift boxed with bow.

Type: Boxed     Size: Medium

Price: $120.00 (reg. price)

More information, view: , under gifts, wish to order, available online.


“Nuts and Bolts”

“Taste of Christmas” – Jacquie Schmit, Eileen Mandryk, Jo Wuth

3    cups each crispix, cheerios, shreddies

2    cups each pretzel sticks and mini rounds

1    cup mixed nuts


Preheat oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  Combine cereals, pretzels and nuts in a large roaster.   Mix well.

Combine the following and stir well:

1    cup vegetable oil

1    tblsp. Each seasoning salt, onion powder

2    tsps. Each garlic powder, celery salt

2    tsps. Worcestershire sauce

Drizzle the above over cereal mixture; mix well.  Roast, uncovered, for 1-1/2 hours, stirring every 20 minutes.   Remove from oven, let cool completely.  Store in airtight containers for up to one month.

Makes 4 quarts


Until the next newsletter, enjoy a cup of tea.

–  A lasting friendship begins with tea. –

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Lavendar Cove – teabytheocean Dec. News 2014 (Part I of 2)

Lavendar Cove – December 2014 Newsletter

— tea by the ocean

This has been a full month of celebration with new packaging for Lavendar Cove, redesigned labels for tins, pouches, a new revision of small tins to pouches with attractive labels.

Most of the loose teas are being repackaged due to an older label that is starting to change from colors printed on the paper (Xerox paper), fading is occurring, inks are changing, the backs of the paper are now showing up clear.

Went to a total different type of label, it just took us more hours to recreate the new labels, now comes more hours of packaging.

The first time we private labeled our brand of teas, it took me 5 hours to package 60 pounds of tea, that is a whole lot of time in a rented kitchen.   Then following times after that my team got together and there were three of us doing the packaging.   This was one of the times that my dear old dad helped package and he was not overly thrilled about helping.  Several months down the road more packaging was done, it is a fun time for my team and there is so much conversation that it keeps you chuckling days after.

As time passed, fewer hours with more help in packaging thankfully got the ball rolling with almost the whole inventory complete.

Now with the re-designed labels on the go, packaging starts to bring in our trend of loose teas.  In the New Year the product labels will start showing up in our marketing and promotions.

“Spicy Mulled Cider Mix”


3/4   cup crushed Cinnamon Sticks

3/4   cup chopped dried orange rind

1/3   cup whole allspice

1/4   cup whole cloves


In a jar combine the above.


Makes about 2 cups Spicy Mulled Cider.


4   cups apple juice (or 1/2 cranberry juice)

2   tbsps. Spicy Mulled Cider Mix


Combine mulled cider and apple juice in sauce pan.  Cover and bring to simmer.  Gently simmer for 20 minutes, strain into mugs.    Makes 4 servings.


– Staying warm for this month with a few recipes from selected books in my library of cookbooks.


“Salmon, watercress and Sencha Soup”

“The book of Green Tea” by Diana Rosen
2-1/2               rounded teaspoons Sencha leaves (Hojicha, or roasted Bancha, can be used)

16                    ounces spring water

2                      large salmon fillets, about ¾”thick

1                      tablespoon olive oil

white pepper to taste

4                      cups steamed rice, cooled

½                     cup chopped watercress

½                     teaspoon prepared wasabi

1                      sheet toasted Nori Seaweed, cut into thin strips


  1. Brew Sencha in hot (170 deg. Fahrenheit; 76 deg. Celsius) spring water for about two minutes. Decant immediately after it has been brewed; set aside.
  2. Lightly brush the fillets with olive oil and sprinkle a pinch of wkite pepper on each side.
  3. Grill or broil salmon about 4 minutes on each side, depending on size. The fillets should flake easily with a fork when they are done.
  4. Gently remove skin and bones, and shred the fillets with a fork.
  5. Place rice in four deep bowls arranging fish atop rice. Sprinkle with water cress.  Pour hot brewed sencha into bowls until rice is nearly submerged.
  6. In a small bowl dilute the wasabi with some of the same tea. Garnish the bowls of fish and rice with the nori and a tiny bit of the wasabi.
  7. Serve immediately.

4 servings.


Complimentary tea – Crime of Passion (Green blended tea) – Lavendar Cove , under Green blended tea.


Tea Terms – Reference “The book of Green Tea” by Diana Rosen

What is a Gaibei?

(Find the answer further down in newsletter).

Chai – In India this is their way of saying “tea”.

In Japan and China, their way of saying tea is “Cha”.

Osmanthus flower in Chinese is “ Gui hua”.

Chrysanthemum flower in Chinese is “Ju hua”.


“Two-tone madeleines with two teas”

“The Book of Green Tea by Christine Dattner”

-Preheat the oven to 400 deg. Fahrenheit

-Makes 24 madeleines

*For the Matcha tea dough       

¾         cup flour

7          tablespoons butter

½         cup granulated sugar

2          eggs

1          teaspoon Matcha tea

1          teaspoon baking powder

**Matcha tea dough.

Melt the butter over low heat in a small pot, then let it cool.  Combine the flour, baking powder and tea in a bowl.

Break the eggs into another bowl and whisk them with the sugar until they are lemon colored.  Add the flour mixture.  Mix in the butter and blend together.

*For the Lung Ching dough

¾         cup flour

7          tablespoons butter

½         cup granulated sugar

2          eggs

1          teaspoon Lung Ching green tea

1          teaspoon baking powder

**Lung Ching dough

Melt the butter over low heat in a small pot, then let it cool.

Crush the tea between your fingertips.

Combine the flour, baking powder and tea in a bowl.

Break the eggs into a nother bowl and whisk them with the sugar until they are lemon colored.  Add the flour mixture.

Mix in the butter and blend together.

Madeleines – Butter a Madeleine tin and drop a teaspoon of each dough into the mold.  Bake 5 minutes before lowering the temperature to 350 deg. Fahrenheit.  Bake and additional 10 minutes.  When the madeleines are ready, take them out of the oven, remove them from the tin and allow to cool.

**Recipe – Michele Carles, food writer.

Lavendar Cove – October Newsletter

Lavendar Cove – October Newsletter 2014 T-blog



October autumn…..
Hello Members:

Just having a touch of winter, in September in Calgary, it was a reminder that winter is coming soon.    It is not great that many tree branches bent over and broke off to the ground, but the all the plants got heavy snow, early frost.   For all those new plants with a non-established root may not come back next year.

Speaking of plants, tea plants, herbal plants and coffee, many of these plants succumb to damage through-out the world.  Many plants are diseased by insects, leaf rot, and soil or root damage, climate changes.

Info on Coffee

The Trading Commodities, Coffee ranks the second largest.

The most popular Coffee is the Arabica but also has a higher rate coffee called Robusta.  Arabica coffee is grown at a high altitude of over 3000′ ft., the plant is grows slower and because the elevation is higher the air is cooler and this allows the “complex sugars” to extend into the bean.  –Reference: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns


In touch with nice selection of teas, tisane’s and coffees for that cold fall night.

-A few new warm soup recipes and pasta.


Expressed as the “perfect cup”

Reference: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns

Double or Doppio Cappuccino

Two espressos, steamed milk and plenty of foam.

Extra strength.

Dry Cappuccino

Espresso, plenty of foam, less steamed milk and this intensifies the flavor of the brew.

In touch with nice selection of teas, tisanes and coffees for that cold fall night.


A few new warm soup recipes, coffee recipes & pasta will be included in this newsletter.


Sicilian Cauliflower Pasta”

By Food Network Magazine – March 2012 Issue

Kosher salt

12           ounces whole-wheat penne

½             head cauliflower

2              tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

3              tablespoons golden raisins

1              clove garlic, finely chopped

Pinch of red pepper flakes

1              cup fresh parsley, chopped

¼             cup fresh dill, chopped

1              tablespoon fresh lemon juice

2              tablespoons grated pecorino romano or parmesan cheese, plus more for topping (optional)

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the pasta and cook as the label directs.  Reserve ¾ cup of the cooking water, then drain the pasta.

  1. Meanwhile, trim the thick stems off the cauliflower and coarsely grate the florets on the large holes of a box grater (it’s fine if some small florets remain whole). Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the cauliflower, raisins, garlic, red pepper flakes and ¼ teaspoon salt and cook, stirring occasionally, until the cauliflower is crisp-tender and slightly browned about 4 minutes.
  2. Remove the skillet from the heat and stir in the pasta, parsley, dill, lemon juice, cheese and ½ cup of the reserved cooking water. Add more cooking water to loosen, if needed.  Season with salt.  Serve with more grated cheese.

Calories: 414

Serves:  4


Membership with Lavendar Cove –

Become a member & Sign-up on our site: and receive Tea samples in the mail.



It is a hot topic, new packaging will be available soon for all Black blends, Flavored Black blends, Green, Flavored Green tea blends.


Different selections will be available for our blends.



Recipe: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns



1 tsp. bitter chocolate sauce

2 espressos

1 cup milk

**Place chocolate in small glass.

**Add the espresso

**Pour in the steamed milk, while trying to make some latte art on the top.


The main species of Coffee are:

Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta.

The Robusta is inexpensive, slow growing, and not very flavorful. It is also processed into Instant or Canned Coffee. Often “Commercial-grade” roasters will use this type of Coffee to blend, to reduce costs and make more profit.

Some of those all night dinners serve their house blends and this is the cheaper coffee.

Reference: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns


“Roast Chicken Dinner with carrots and shallots”

By Food Network Magazine – March 2012 Issue

(“Sarah Copeland”)

2-1/2      pounds carrots, peeled and bias cut into 2-inch pieces

3              small bulbs shallots, peeled

2              large strips orange peel

3              small sprigs rosemary

¼             cup extra virgin olive oil

1/3          cup Kalamata olives, pitted (optional)

1              teaspoon iodized salt

¼             teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

4              bone-in pieces organic chicken (split breasts or thighs)

¾             teaspoon sweet or smoked paprika

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Toss together the carrots, shallots, orange peel, rosemary and 2 tablespoons of the olive oil and the olives.  Season with ¼ teaspoon salt and a pinch of black pepper.  Scatter the vegetables in a single layer on a baking sheet or roasting pan.

  1. Toss together the remaining olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika with the chicken pieces. Place the chicken between the vegetables on the baking sheet and roast until the chicken is just cooked through but still juicy, and the carrots are fork-tender, 40 minutes.  Serve with a large green salad, and faro or spelt, or a slice of rustic whole-grain bread.

Serves:  4


Info on Coffee

The Trading Commodities, Coffee ranks the second largest.

The most popular Coffee is the Arabica but also has a higher rate coffee called Robusta. This coffee is grown at a high altitude of over 3000′ ft., the plant is grows slower and because the elevation is higher the air is cooler and this allows the “complex sugars” to extend into the bean.

–Reference: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns


 “Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup”

By Food Network Magazine – March 2012 Issue

1              medium onion, quartered

3              stalks celery, quartered

3              medium carrots, quartered

3              tablespoons unsalted butter

Heaping ¼ teaspoon ground allspice

1              pound plum tomatoes, halved

3              cups low-sodium beef broth

4              cups chopped green cabbage (about ¼ medium head)

½             pound Yukon gold potatoes, chopped

¾             cup quick cooking barley

¼             pound corned beef, cut into thin strips (use leftovers or deli meat)

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

Pulse the onion, celery and carrots in a food processor until they are pea-size pieces. Melt the butter in a large pot over medium-high heat.  Add the chopped onion, celery, carrots and the allspice and cook, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are slightly softened, about 5 minutes.

  1. Add the potatoes to the food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Transfer the tomatoes to the pot and add the beef broth, cabbage, potatoes, barley and 4 cups water; cover and bring to a boil.  Uncover, reduce the heat to medium low and simmer until the potatoes and barley are tender, about 20 minutes.  Stir in the corned beef and season with salt and pepper.

Calories:  352

Serves: 4

Books of Interest

“Cooking with Green Tea”

By Ying Chang Compestine


“Healing Teas”

by Marie Nadine Antol


“Healing Herbs”

By Linda Woolven


“New Tastes in Green Tea”

By Mutsuko Tokunaga


“You’re Invited”

(Scrapbooking Magazine)


“The Tea Book”

By Sara Perry


“Herbal Defense”

By Robyn Landis


“Meditations with Tea”

“Paths to Inner Peace”

By Diana Rosen


Info on the Coffea tree:

The Coffea tree is a shrub and classified as an Evergreen.  In order for the Coffea tree to produce a crop, it must grow for 5 years and this crop is only about 15 oz.’s.

This plant produces a flower of a sweet jasmine-scent this bud produces the fruit of the plant. The berry changes from to a the original green like the plant itself, to orange or red. The ripen berry turns to a Raspberry dark red.

When the berry is ripe it must be processed the same day it is “hand-picked”. Picking time is like many plants not all of the fruit is ripe the same day, so the pickers will go back several times to the same plant.   The bean is found inside the fruit that grows on the Coffea tree. Most coffee plants are not within reach of the roadside and are grown on slanting hill-sides.

We were able to view a Coffee trees growing on the side of the Blue Mountain when we traveled to Jamaica in January.

Both Jamaican coffee and Hawaiian Coffee are one of the most expensive and pleasant coffees.   Most Coffee Plantations still use the “hand-picking” for the picking the fruit off of the shrubs, it is very backbreaking work. Depends on where the coffee is grown, in some countries the mules take the extremely full bags and the bags are draped over the backs of the mules.

In India, women pick the beans by hand then carry the sacks on their heads.

In Jamaica, on the Blue Mountain Coffee plantation the guide explained to us, that the people who work this plantation climb up this steep mountain side, the women pick for most of the day, placing the fruit into 70 pound crates and the male workers place these crates onto the trucks and take to be processed.

Reference: Coffee Cafe by Sherri Johns

Recipes & Teas

Part # 3 – March Newsletter 2014
Lavendar Cove –
ID# LC Tmemb35
Receive 3 Teas or Tisane’s samples, per month, just enough for a couple of cups and in small packets. Type of teas: Black Blended, Black flavored, Green Blended, Green flavored, White Blended Type of tisanes (herbal): Herbal tisanes – floral & herb, Rooibos blended, Rooibos flavored.
Type: Boxed    Size: Small   Price: $35.00 (reg. Price)
“Raspberry Parfait”
“Prevention Walk off Weight”  – Liz Vaccariello (editor in chief – Prevention)
1/2        cup raspberries
1            tsp. Squeezed lemon juice
1            cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
Toss raspberries and lemon juice in bowl.  In parfait dish, alternate layers of yogurt and raspberries.
Serving: 1
Calories: 230
“Yogurt Pops”
“Prevention Walk off Weight”  – Liz Vaccariello (editor in chief – Prevention)
1        cup low-fat plain or flavored yogurt
3/4        cup 100 % fruit juice, such as cranberry-raspberry
Dash of vanilla extract or honey
Combine yogurt, juice and vanilla extract in medium bow.  Pour into four 3-oz paper cups and freeeze until partially set, about 1 hour.
Insert wooden sticks into each cup and freeze 4 hours, or until solid.
Servings: 4
Calories: 51
“Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie”
“Prevention Walk off Weight”  – Liz Vaccariello (editor in chief – Prevention)
1        cup fat-free milk
1/3     cup creamy peanut butter
1        pkg. (3.9 oz.) instant chocolate pudding mix
1        container (8 oz.) light frozen whipped topping thawed
1        prepared graham cracker or chocolate cookie pie crust (9″ diameter)
 Chocolate shaving (optional)
Beat milk add peanut butter in large bowl with electric mixer on low speed until smooth.  Add pudding mix and continue to beat until thickened, about 2 minutes.  Gently fold in half the container of whipped topping.
Spoon mixture into prepared crust and smooth the top.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Top with remaining whipped topping and chocolate shavings, if using.  Serve chilled.
Servings: 8
Calories per Serving: 280
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog –
A lasting friendship begins with tea.

tea and recipes

teabytheocean March 2014 Newsletter

(part 2 of 3)

Part # 2 – March Newsletter 2014
March Tea of Month selection
Creme Au Caramel (Rooibos)Caffeine Free A flavored Rooibos blended with sweet flavors of caramel pieces.
Corciscan Pear Spice (Rooibos) – Tropical breeze on the island of Corsica & a tea with cinnamon pieces, dried orange blossoms, apple, pear, Rooibos, natural flavors, Safflower petals and Blackberry leaves.
Blue Mango (Green) – The luxury Sencha Green tea blended with mallow flowers & the pineapple pieces enhance the mango flavor. (Flavored Green)
Join our Tea Club for 6 months, see info below.
It is time to introduce to your our Newest Tea Club, offering to you by email and if you would like to receive this brochure, just let us know, we will mail you one.
Special offers go out to our Members, special discounts, samples mailed out, free product offers and lots of information on one of our blogs, now we have five blogs on the go.
Spending time with friends over a couple cups of tea……
New item with Lavendar Cove – Teas & Gifts
 ID# LC Tclub 6 months
Pre-selected selection of three teas or tisane’s for this special offer, Tea of the Month Club – monthly
(for 6 months from date of purchase). Upon your order you will receive three selected teas or tisane’s each month. Every month will be a different selection of blends.   Type: Boxed    Size: Medium    Price: $252.00 (reg. price)

“Black-Eyed Peas & Vegetable Salad”
“Prevention Walk off Weight”  – Liz Vaccariello (editor in chief – Prevention)
1        onion, quartered
1        green or red bell pepper
1        large clove garlic
1        small jalapeno Chile pepper, cored and seeded (wear plastic gloves when handling)
2        cups rinsed and drained canned black-eyed peas
1/4    cup canola oil
3        Tbsp white vinegar
Place onion, bell pepper, garlic and jalapeno Chile pepper in food processor.   Process until finely chopped but not a paste.
Combine black-eyed peas and chopped vegetables in large bowl.  Add oil and vinegar and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.  Toss to combine.
Servings: 6
Calories: 190
ID# LC BFloral Bath # 1
A wonderful combination of Botanical Floral Bath Blends No. 1, No. 3, No. 5, along with two loose teas – Aroma Blend Chai and Tropical Floral T-Garden
(Black blend – 50 g.), plus Angels Dream (Black blended)
And Crime of Passion (Green – 25 g.).    Type: Boxed    Size: Medium     Price: $50.99 (reg. price) 

teabytheocean March 2014 Newsletter

Tea Blog for March Newsletter 2014

(part 1 of 3)

Dear Members:

Lots of work to do for the months to come, tons of new products will be uploaded, special offers, recipes and more.

Some of the new products are up on our website – :

New choices for tea bags, if you prefer to have tea bags – teas – Monk’s Blend, Peach Apricot, Earl Grey, Strawberry, Real Maple and these are boxed at 30 CT., for $8.00 ea.  Find these new teas in Teas area on site, under Boxed or Bulk teas – Boxed and Tins.

Sign-up online and receive 10 % off monthly.

Introducing our newest addition of company is:

Our Botanical Bath Company – Butterfly Botanical Baths is being produced and slowly making it’s way into Lavendar Cove’s website and follow the line above to the new company.  What we cannot produce ourselves will have private labelled products from other companies.

We are working on our sample lines to get into Spa’s, Resorts and small gift shops.  Incorporating both companies with small sample products.   Many of our teas will be available to you in small sample sizes, allowing for you to try the tea before you buy a larger quantity.    Enjoy the recipes for this issue.      Management at Lavendar Cove


First chance to taste this wonderful dish was over 25 years ago, a friend that was born in Paris, France but was living here in the city with her family.   Her mom had made the families favorite dish, “Coq Au Vin”, it was delicious, hand-made chicken dish when it was served and it was paired with a nice Red wine.

“Coq Au Vin”  from “Today’s Bride”


2       tbsp. Extra-virgin olive oil

2       cups chopped bacon

1       medium onion, chopped

2       chickens of 4-1/2 pounds each cut into 8 pieces

5       tbsp. Brandy

Sprigs – fresh thyme, rosemary and parsley

2       bay leaves

3       garlic cloves, crushed

1       tbsp. Tomato puree

1       tbsp. Lemon juice

1       tbsp. Sugar

1       small bottle full-bodied dry red wine

2       tbsp. Chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley to garnish


For the glazed shallot and mushrooms

1       tbsp. Butter

2       tbsp. Olive oil

12     oz.shallots

12     oz. Button mushrooms, cleaned


For the ‘beurre manie’

2       tbsp. Butter, softened

2       tbsp. Plain flour


1.  Heat the oil in the oven over medium heat on the stovetop.  Add the bacon and onion and cook, stirring until both are softened, and then remove, draining well.

2.   Fry the chicken in batches until all the pieces are evenly browned, then return them to the dish with the bacon and onion.  Remove the oven from the heat and add the brandy.  Carefully ignite, standing well back, until the flames subside.  Then return the pan to the heat.

3.   Preheat the oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit Tie the herbs into a bundle and add to the oven with garlic, tomato puree, lemon juice, sugar and red wine.  Cover and cook in the oven for 2 to 2-1/2 hours, until the chicken is tender.

4.   About 30 minutes before the chicken is finished cooking, melt the butter and oil in a large skillet over medium heat.  Add the shallots and fry for 10 to 15 minutes until golden brown and soft.  Transfer to a plate.  Add the mushrooms to the pan and toss they are just cooked.

5.   Blend the butter and flour together in a small bowl.  Remove a few pieces of the cooked chicken to make room to stir in the ‘beurre manie’.  Add this in small amounts, stirring, so the sauce remains smooth.

6.   When the ‘beurre manie’ has been incorporated, return the chicken together with the shallots and mushrooms.   Simmer for 2 to 3 minutes.  Sprinkle the top generously with the parsley and serve from the oven.


Great teas to remind you of the Mediterranean ………….

Last Mango In Paris ID# 30066 A vivacious blend of fruits in this delightful blend. The tropical dried version of Mango’s, rose hip’s and Hibiscus petals with naturally dried orange and tart elderberries along with natural flavors.   Type: Bag    Size: 50 g.     Price: $8.00 (reg. Price)

All teas are available online @ or

Tuscany Pear Rooibos ID# 9902 Apple and pear pieces, Rooibos and natural flavors. A sot after delicacy for chefs in Italy, is pears. This delicious blend of Rooibos, dried apple and dried pear is a sweet delight for your taste buds. Great Iced.                                            Type: Bag    Size: 100 g. (Loose Tea)   Price: $12.00 (reg.price)

Earl Grey ID# 9805 A blend of Sri Lankan teas with floral notes from the tea gardens of Dimbula, Uva and Nuwara Eliya and the bold scent of bergamot, a citrus fruit grown far away in the Mediterranean.   Type: Pouch    Size: 100 g.  Price: $7.95 (reg. Price)

teabytheocean Newsletter August 2013

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This Issue

The great thing about fruit teas is during the summer months these make great Iced Teas, great for kids too.   If you want to spice it up a little bit either ads some black tea or spice to the mix for brewing your Iced Teas.  These fruit teas are great a hot tea, fruit full of vitamin C, good for the whole body.  Enjoy our selections in this issue.

Paradiso Peach

ID# 30064

-A fruitful array of sweet tasting with natural dried apple pieces and slightly tart with natural dried orange, Rosehip and Hibiscus reminds you of a tropical paradise.

Type: Bag    Size: 50 g.   Price: $8.00    (reg. price)

AngelFalls Mist  

ID# LC9807

This wonderful fruit tea named after the (Venezuela’s Angel Falls) and this tea has so much fruit blended together you could almost use it in baking. Enjoy cold or hot. (Hibiscus petals, Strawberry pieces, Dried apple, Rosehip pieces, Calendula petals, Dried orange and natural flavors. (Herb and Fruit tea – Caffeine free)   Type: Tin   Size: 50 g.  Price: $10.00 (reg. price)

Last Mango In Paris

ID# 30066

A vivacious blend of fruits in this delightful blend. The tropical dried version of Mango’s, Rosehip’s and Hibiscus petals with naturally dried orange and tart elderberries along with natural flavors.

Type: Bag    Size: 50 g.   Price: $8.00    (reg. price)

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“Green Ginger Tea”

“Drink to your health” by Anita Hirsch

1          teaspoon grated or minced fresh ginger or ¼ teaspoon powdered ginger

1 – 2     teaspoon loose green tea or 1 bag green tea

1          cup boiling water, cooled slightly

Sugar or honey to taste

 *Add the fresh or dried ginger and the green tea to a mug.  Pour slightly cooled water over the tea and steep for 2 to 4 minutes.  Strain if you’re using the loose tea, and add sugar or honey to taste.  Serve immediately or chill and serve over ice.

1          serving (1 cup)



“Soothing Spearmint Tea”

“Drink to your health” by Anita Hirsch

 ½         teaspoon fennel seeds, toasted or un-toasted

2          teaspoon chamomile or 1 bag chamomile tea

2 – 3     teaspoons of spearmint tea leaves or 1 bag of spearmint tea

1          cup boiling water

1          teaspoon mint syrup, if desired

Crush the fennel seeds and combine with chamomile and spearmint tea leaves or bags in a cup.  Add boiling water and steep for 3 to 4 minutes.  Strain or serve.

 1 serving (1 cup)

 Inspired Music


“Leela James” – Album “Music EP”


“Soul:Fi” – Album “Space Invadas”


Spa Berry & Tropical  

Find these teas on our website under this title to purchase.

Bingo Blueberry

ID# 9805

-An overwhelming berry taste, another great Herb and Fruit Tea (Caffeine Free). A combination of Elderberries, Dried currants, cornflower petals, Dried Apple pieces, Dried Blueberries and flavored naturally enhanced with the fruit. Enjoy Iced or Hot.

Type: Bag    Size: 100 g.   Price: $15.00 (reg. price)


ID# 9802LC

A Herbal and Fruit combination of Rosehips, Dried Apple pieces, Rose Petals, Blackberry leaves, Cornflower petals, Hibiscus petals, Calendula petals and natural flavors. A cupful of energy and great for kids as well.

Type: Bag    Size: 100 g. (Loose Tea) Price: $14.00 (reg. price)

Green Tea & Fruit

— Hermes Orange

ID# 40022LCSml

– A spherically delightful natural flavors of Mandarin and Tangerine combines this Orange flavored tea blended with Sencha Green tea and a beautiful blend of Safflower petals. (Flavored Green) Type: Bag    Size: 50 g. (Loose Tea) Price: $8.00 (reg. price)


ID# 9892

A delicious herbal tea to brew into a cup and is full of mouth watering juicy flavorful berries and floral petals. (Rosehip pieces, natural flavors, Raisins, Hibiscus petals and dried currants).

Type: Pouch    Size: 100 g. (Loose Tea)   Price: $10.00 (reg. price)


Black tea & Fruit

Wild Blackberry (Flavored Black)

ID# 10009

Brews to a coppery colored black tea with sweet floral & berry flavored notes. — Blackberry leaves luxury Sri Lankan Black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavors and mallow flowers.

Type: Bag    Size: 50 g.    Price: $6.00

(reg. price)


Black tea and fruit  

Tropical Fire

ID# 10010

The spice tones of cloves and cinnamon blended with a tropical fruit.

— Sri Lankan black tea, dried mango, pineapple and papaya, safflower petals, lime leaves and natural flavors. Type: Bag    Size: 50 g.  Price: $6.00

(reg. price)

Black Tea and fruit

Blood Orange (Flavored Black)

ID# 10012

A robust sweet citrus flavor with blood oranges, like those grown in Sicily. — Blackberry leaves, freeze and natural dried orange, Sri Lankan black tea, safflower petals and natural flavors.

Type: Bag    Size: 50 g.  Price: $6.00     (reg. price)

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 Interesting books

 “The Fragrant Mind”

by Valerie Ann Worwood 

– ”Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood, and Emotion”


“Lemongrass Ginger Tea”

“Drink to your health” by Anita Hirsch

1          inch of fresh lemongrass, thinly sliced, or 1 teaspoon dried lemongrass

1          piece of crystallized ginger, about 1 inch square

1          cup boiling water

Place the sliced lemongrass in a cup.  Cut the ginger into smaller pieces and add to the cup.  Pour the boiling water over both and steep for 5 minutes.  (If you’re using dried lemongrass, steep a bit longer up to 15 minutes, to extract the most flavor).  Strain and serve.

1 serving (1 cup)

teabytheocean newsletter May and June 2013

LAVENDAR COVE – teabyocean   May & June 2013 Newsletter

It has been a while since any info on this blog, it is writer’s blog. To simply not add too much in of my own personal life, but keep all the followers interested about tea, recipes, herbs and something interesting to write about. Taking time out of the already busy schedule to simply write on all my blogs, creating labels for the tea company that took days to compile, packaging over 30 pounds of tea with a few helpers (thanks to Jo-anne & Linda) in just five hours later. It is back breaking work with a counter of only 3.5 feet high and causes you to shift your feet back and forth, great conversation talking went back and forth in the room, us ladies talked about life, our marriages, some mentions about tea with questions to rack my brain, but all in all it is about friendship gathered into a kitchen to learn about your friends lives and what they both enjoy to do on their spare time.

If you can relate to all the blogs that you follow is also time consuming and usually for me it is done late in the evening into the early morning hours.

The passion of owning a wonderful tea company occupies many hours during the week. To share my knowledge and inspiration has been from the beginning.

Some of us enjoy creating, cooking, painting, reading a novel, outdoor exercise, painting, time at the gym, baking, gardening, oh did I leave some stuff out. Why don’t you comment and add some more things that you enjoy to do, other than working.   I enjoy a great cup of tea after an hour long session with my girlfriends after class, this allows me to mediate and relax.   Some of the activities listed above are some of the things I also enjoy.

Enjoy this month’s news with recipes, teas and more added between.


See original recipe for the “COOKIE STARTER” Recipe by – “Farm Journals Country Cookbook”

This is a wonderful and helpful cookbook, so many recipes with new creations adding from the original recipes.   A great help for all those who love to cook, bake and having great recipes on hand to enjoy with friends & family.


“Ice Cream Wafers”

Recipe by – “Farm Journals Country Cookbook”


1           cup Cookie Starter

½         tsp. vanilla

1           egg yolk

1/3       cup sugar

½         tsp. baking powder

Sifted confectioners sugar


  • Mix all ingredients, except confectioner’s sugar.
  • Chill dough thoroughly.
  • Sprinkle board and rolling pin with confectioner’s sugar. Roll small amount of dough 1/8″ thick.
  • Cut with small cookie cutter and place 1″ apart on greased baking sheet. Bake in moderate oven   (350 degrees Fahrenheit) about  6 minutes, until cookies are lightly browned.
  • Dust with confectioner’s sugar.
  • Remove and cool on racks. Makes about 3 dozen.


Enjoy a wonderful Rooibos tea would go great with this recipe below, we suggest our brand of “Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos”, available on our site – , signing in as a member you will receive 10 % off your purchases.


Orange and Lemon Wafers”

Recipe by – “Farm Journals Country Cookbook”


Make up Ice cream Wafers recipe omitting vanilla and adding grated peel of 1 orange and grated peel of ½ lemon.   Roll out and cut cookies into different shapes. Place 1″ apart on lightly greased baking sheet.

(Or roll into balls, using 1 teaspoon dough for each cookie. Dip fork into confectioner’s sugar and make waffle design by crisscrossing with fork. Don’t mash cookies too flat.) Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees Fahrenheit) 10 minutes. Decorate with strips of orange peel.   Remove cookies and cool on racks.   Makes 1-1/2 dozen.



Recipe by – “Farm Journals Country Cookbook”

2-1/4              cup sifted flour

¾                    tsp. salt

1                      cup butter or regular margarine


–         Sift flour and salt into bowl.

–         Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse bread crumbs.

–         Store in clean jar with tight-fitting lid. Keep in refrigerator or freezer.

–         Makes 3 to 4 cups.


Tips on using mix:

–         Let the crumbs reach room temperature before adding other ingredients. Loosen with a fork if mix is too compact. Your electric mixer can help you make cookie dough from the mix.

–         To short-cut cookie-making, shape dough into roll; wrap and chill thoroughly. Slice and bake cookies as desired. When dough is cold, allow more time for baking. To get a thicker cookie, shape teaspoonfuls of dough with fingers and roll in palms of hands into balls; stamp with flat-bottomed glass and bake.

–         When you bake and then freeze, wrap cookies in foil or plastic wrap, or store them in freezer containers.


Look for the cookie recipes to follow: Blind Dates (added); Ice Cream Wafers; Oriental Almond Cookies; Old English Ginger Cones;

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Coffee Leaves

Lavendar Cove — teabytheocean blog                    February Newsletter 2013


The popular coffee and tea have a new runner up, not quite on the market yet and waiting to get approved is the new Coffee leaves which are high in antioxidants and can be brewed just like tea, but grinding up the leaves.

Apparently the Coffee leaves taste like tea. Also the Coffee leaves have a natural chemical called “Mangiferin” that is also found in Mangoes. The leaves only produce the natural chemical “Mangiferin”, non is found in the beans.

Also these leaves from the Coffee plant are known to have more antioxidants that coffee or tea.

More information can be found in “the Annals of Botany” according to the news and video.

According to “Leslie Beck “(a registered dietician) has mentioned that these coffee leaves are consumed in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Reference: “CTV news” – Article – “Hot Hybrid, Coffee-leaf tea packs antioxidant punch”


The Coffee leaf produces “Mangiferin” which is also found in Mangoes.

Since the “Mangiferin” is a “xanthonoid” is a classified as a “natural Phenolic”. —- More of a breakdown and learning about the pigments found in fruits and vegetables.

Breakdown of pigment structure found in plants:
– “Mangiferin” is a “xanthonoid”
– the “xanthonoid” is classified as a “natural Phenolic”

“Biological pigments” in plant structure is called “photosynthesis”
– Now Chlorophyll generates a green hue in plants with the pigment colors of red and yellow that has the lightest energy.

Chlorophyll – the chlorin that produces yellow and blue to create green leaves.

Cartenoids – to create the colorful array of yellow, red and orange pigments in fruit and vegetables is called “ tetraterpenoids”.

— (cartotene – found in carrots, orange pigments);
–a yellow version of fruits and vegetables is called lutein.
— the vibrant red tomatoes have the lycopene.
yellow, red, orange pigments are called tetraterpenoids .
– There is over 600 cartenoids in both plant and animals.


Anthyocyanins – are known as “flowery blue”, although these are found in the full array of plants, showing up mostly in the flower petals. In the shaded tropical plants the purple color of the reversible side of the green leaf is also known as “Anthyocyanins” Because light is passed through the leaves and chlorophyll is present and this maximizes quantity of light. “Water-soluable”.

Betalaines – Pigment color is yellow and red, these are also like the Anthocyanins and are also water-soluble. These compounds are synthesized from “tryosine”. The deep red in beets is this particular pigment and is used in food coloring. The classification of the Caryophyllales is also found in carnations, carnivorous, cactus, amaraths and known for relation to the succulents plant life.

Now if the coffee leaf was like a Anthyocyanins the shaded version of tropical plants in the shade of purple, it maybe toxic to congest it, several tropical leafed plants are toxic. Specially that the succulents related to the tropical plant range, like the
Deffenbalker (known to be toxic to cats), the white fluid inside the tropical plants are also known to be not good.

Some tropical fruits for instance are not for human consumption. For instance, the one yellow fruit grown on a tree in Jamaica looks ripe, but is not edible and is known to be quite toxic.

It is know that the article brings up the coffee leaf study. Coffee has been around for a long time, although there is many more options in our future to expand the knowledge of the plant itself.

Until there is further study about the coffee leaf tasting quite like tea, I think it is best to know that there is further study.                                        Research:  Wikipedia

Since coffee is grown around the world, to take into consideration of the nutrients that the coffee plant is exhuming in the soil as it grows, climate also plays a part of the growth of the plant.

According the coffee article more research is being done for the coffee leaf and until more information is available it is not available to consume.

For more information, learn more about the Coffee Leaf — Kew Royal Botanic Gardens —-The Annals of Botany —