“Ginger Tea”

“Ginger Tea” Book – “Juices” by “Elsa Petersen-Schepelern” a piece of fresh ginger 1 teaspoon leaf tea (optional) sweetener of your choice 1 serving Peel and grate the ginger. Put in a tea strainer or tea ball, then add the tea, if using.  Put the ball in the cup or balance the strainer over the … More “Ginger Tea”

Recipe – “Blackberry Iced Tea”

“Blackberry Iced Tea” Victoria – “The Pleasures of Tea by Kim Waller & Nancy Lindemeyer   1/2    to 1 ounce pesticide-free marigold flowers 4        cups hot black tea, such as orange pekoe or Darjeeling 1        cup blackberries           Honey, to taste   1.    Remove the petals from the flowers. 2.    Place 3 to 4 … More Recipe – “Blackberry Iced Tea”

Great Teas Iced

Organic Assam Tea (Certified Organic) ID# LC9770 Several botanist from English had to be brought in to identify the tea from the jungles in Assam, India. The cultivation at a commercial level was officially started in 1837 for Assam tea. The following year this tea was auctioned off in London. This was the first tea … More Great Teas Iced

Recipe – “Green Tea – Sauteed Vegetables”

“Green Tea  – Sauteed Vegetables” “Cooking with Green Tea” by Ying Chang Compestine   2        Tablespoons Canola oil 2        Tablespoons finely chopped fresh red Chile pepper 1        teaspoon grated lemon peel 1        teaspoon Loose tea leaves, preferably Gunpowder 4        cups broccoli florets 1        cup yellow zucchini or yellow summer … More Recipe – “Green Tea – Sauteed Vegetables”

Recipe – “Green Tea, Mango and Yogurt Smoothie”

“Green Tea, Mango and Yogurt Smoothie” “Cooking with Green Tea” by Ying Chang Compestine   1        cup fruit-flavored green tea, brewed with 4 tea bags 2        large mangoes 12      ice cubes 2        (6-oz.) cartons Apricot and Mango Soy Yogurt 2         Tablespoons honey   -Discard the tea bags and let the tea cool. -Peel, seed … More Recipe – “Green Tea, Mango and Yogurt Smoothie”

Recipes – “Orange-flower Creams” & “Langues De Chat Biscuits”

“ORANGE-FLOWER CREAMS“ “A Culinary Guide to Herbs, Spices and Flavorings” By Arabella Boxer, Jocasta Innes, Charlotte Parry-Crooke and Lewis Esson   6        egg yolks 2         oz. Vanilla sugar 1        teaspoon corn-flour 1/2    oz. Powdered gelatine 3        Tablespoons water 3/4     pint single cream 1        Tablespoon orange-flower water 1        … More Recipes – “Orange-flower Creams” & “Langues De Chat Biscuits”