Recipe – “Bubba Tea”

“BUBBA TEA” “The Little Black Book of Tea” by Mike  Heneberry Sprig of fresh mint 2 shots bourbon whiskey 1 ounce lemon juice 1 teaspoon sugar 1 cup iced tea *Stir bourbon with everything but tea; then add tea and serve over ice.  – Makes 1 glass  

Recipe – “Dream of Essaouira – Mint tea ice cream”

“Dream of Essaouira” – Mint tea ice cream Recipe by Gilles Brochard and Helene Huret “The Tea Box” – By Gilles Brochard   2        cups milk 5        egg yolks 1/3    cup sugar Mint tea 1        large bunch fresh mint, stemmed 1        tablespoon gunpowder tea 2/3    cup sugar   *    “Custard.   Bring milk… Read More Recipe – “Dream of Essaouira – Mint tea ice cream”

“Gift to the Gods”

In Ancient Greece there was an array of fragrances that we used quite often and these fragrances were: myrrh, cardamom, violet, lotus, narcissus, mint, bergamot, dill, gilly flower, lilies, storax, cassia, cinnamon and rose.  (Reference: “Aromatheraphy for the Soul” by Valerie Ann Worwood)