Recipe – “Jiffy White Kidney Bean Salad”

Jiffy White Kidney Bean Salad   1              19 oz. can well drained white kidney beans 2              tblsps. olive oil 2              cloves garlic, minced 1              cup chopped fresh parsley Salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste

Recipe – “Thinly sliced shrimp marinated in green tea”

“Thinly sliced shrimp marinated in green tea” by “Michel Hache, Hotel Ambassador” “The Book of Green Tea” – “The book of Green Tea” Christine Dattner, Sophie Boussahba” 5-1/2              lb. shrimp 1                      teaspoon Lung China green tea 2                      limes 1                      orange 2                      cups olive oil ½                     cup piquillo peppers 2                      teaspoons fleur de sel 1                      teaspoon… Read More Recipe – “Thinly sliced shrimp marinated in green tea”

Recipe – “Veal Chops with green tea”

“Veal chops with green tea” Recipe by – “Emmanuel Laporte, Les Feuilles Libres” “The book of Green Tea” Christine Dattner, Sophie Boussahba” 4          veal chops 3          teaspoons Sencha green tea 2          cups small white onions 4          carrots 2          heads of garlic, unpeeled 2          large pieces of salted butter 2          tablespoons powdered sugar 2          tablespoons olive… Read More Recipe – “Veal Chops with green tea”

Recipe – “Orange and Celery Salad”

“ORANGE AND CELERY SALAD” “A Culinary Guide to Herbs, Spices and Flavorings” By Arabella Boxer, Jocasta Innes, Charlotte Parry-Crooke and Lewis Esson   4        oranges, peeled and separated into segments, all pith and membrane removed 1        head celery, finely sliced 1        mild onion, peeled and coarsely chopped 1        teaspoon coriander seeds,… Read More Recipe – “Orange and Celery Salad”