“GLAZED LEMON BREAD” “Farm Journal’s Country Cookbook”     1/3      cup melted butter 1-1/4  cup sugar 2          eggs ¼         tsp. almond extract 1-1/2  cup sifted flour 1          tsp. baking powder 1          tsp. salt ½         milk 1          Tblsp. Grated lemon peel ½         chopped nuts 3          Tblsp. Fresh lemon juice     -Blend well the butter and… Read More “GLAZED LEMON BREAD”

Recipe – “Orange Flower Creams”

“ORANGE-FLOWER CREAMS” “A Culinary Guide to Herbs, Spices and Flavorings” By Arabella Boxer, Jocasta Innes, Charlotte Parry-Crooke and Lewis Esson   6        egg yolks 2         oz. Vanilla sugar 1        teaspoon corn-flour 1/2    oz. Powdered gelatine 3        Tablespoons water 3/4     pint single cream 1        Tablespoon orange-flower water 1       … Read More Recipe – “Orange Flower Creams”

Recipe – “Overnight Fruit Bowl”

“Overnight Winter Fruit Bowl” “Fare for Friends – Cookbook”   3                 egg yolks, beaten 2                 tablespoons white sugar 2                 tablespoons white vinegar 2                 tablespoons pineapple juice or syrup from can 1                 tablespoons butter Salt to taste 2                 cups seeded grapes or drained pitted cherries 2                 cups pineapple chunks, drained 2                 cups mandarin oranges, drained 2                … Read More Recipe – “Overnight Fruit Bowl”

Recipe – “Baked Lemon Pudding”

“Baked Lemon Pudding” “Fare for Friends Foundation”   3          eggs, separated 1-1/2  lemons, rind and juice 2          tablespoons flour ¾        cup sugar 1          tablespoon butter, melted 1          cup milk              pinch of salt   Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.   In a large bowl, combine rind and juice with egg yolks.  Add flour and sugar… Read More Recipe – “Baked Lemon Pudding”

Recipe – ” Mexican Fruit Dessert”

Mexican Fruit Dessert by Better Crocker’s WWC   3            oranges, pared and sectioned 3            banana’s, sliced 1          pint strawberries, cut into halves 1/4       cup coffee-flavoured liquer 1          cup whipped cream 1/         cup powdered sugar Ground cinnamon   Toss oranges, bananas and strawberries with liquer in 2-quart bowl. Beat whipping cream and powdered sugar… Read More Recipe – ” Mexican Fruit Dessert”

Recipe – “Thinly sliced shrimp marinated in green tea”

“Thinly sliced shrimp marinated in green tea” by “Michel Hache, Hotel Ambassador” “The Book of Green Tea” – “The book of Green Tea” Christine Dattner, Sophie Boussahba” 5-1/2              lb. shrimp 1                      teaspoon Lung China green tea 2                      limes 1                      orange 2                      cups olive oil ½                     cup piquillo peppers 2                      teaspoons fleur de sel 1                      teaspoon… Read More Recipe – “Thinly sliced shrimp marinated in green tea”

Recipe – “Dream of Essaouira – Mint tea ice cream”

“Dream of Essaouira” – Mint tea ice cream Recipe by Gilles Brochard and Helene Huret “The Tea Box” – By Gilles Brochard   2        cups milk 5        egg yolks 1/3    cup sugar Mint tea 1        large bunch fresh mint, stemmed 1        tablespoon gunpowder tea 2/3    cup sugar   *    “Custard.   Bring milk… Read More Recipe – “Dream of Essaouira – Mint tea ice cream”