Recipe – “Cherry, Tomato and Shrimp Salad”

Cherry, Tomato and Shrimp Salad


1              pkg. cherry jell-o

2              cups tomato juice

1-1/2       tsps. Grated onion

1-1/2       tsps. Vinegar

¼             tsp. salt

1              8 oz. can shrimp or crabmeat

½             cup finely chopped celery

½             cup grated carrot


Dissolve jell-O in heated tomato juice, let cool, and add the remaining ingredients.  Refrigerate.

Recipe – “Lavender Vinegar”

“Lavender Vinegar”
“The Illustrated Herbal Encyclopedia” by Brenda Little
“Lavender vinegar; dabbed on the temples and forehead, helps to ease a miserable headache”.
Lavender flower spikes
White vinegar
Fine muslin
*    Steep flower spikes in white vinegar in a jar in a sunny spot for a week, shaking it once a day.
*    Put a fresh lot of flowers in another jar and strain the vinegar in the first jar over them and leave the new jar in a sunny place for a week, shaking it every day.  Strain through fine muslin and bottle.