Tea Cultivation in Japan


Due to the huge amount of safety standards in Japan their regulations for using harmful pesticides in the highest. The Agricultural Chemicals Control Law prohibits this use. The cultivation of farmers avoid all un-neccessary spraying of chemicals to provide tasty tea. The Organic cultivation is decreasing the use of pesticides and in most countries is not used.


Did you know?


That tea that is caffeinated can change by either strengthening or weakening the medication. The tannins can “combine with iron”.


Did you know about Green tea being effective with constipation?


That Green Tea relaxes the intestines and also for “stress-related” times, the tea will have that calming effect.


Why you shouldn’t drink the tea leaves from the day before?


The first reason that overnight mold would of grown, the protein is gone from the tea and that the tannin has remained at room temperature and may cause stomach problems.




New Tastes in Green Tea by Mutsuko Tokunaga


**Molds are toxic and if eaten or drank, you may experience food poisoning or worse.


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